Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Shower Restoration Re-Imagined with Exquisite Products in Alpharetta

Is your shower looking worse with all the stains, mold and mildew? We are Alpharetta tile and grout cleaning experts, taking the surface to the next level with exquisitely designed products. Acidic cleaners or steam machines eliminate stains only at the top of the tile while damaging the surface. However, the shower floor and walls allow mold and stains to soak deep.
Deliver your shower that incredible cleanliness it deserves with our patented restoration services. How we deal with the negative side of tile and grout are all listed below:

Spraying Imperia Throughout the Entire Surface:
Imperia – an astonishing penetrating cleaner designed be pFOkUS’ chemists, cleans, preps and sanitizes showers without diminishing the surfaces’ value. Unlike regular cleaners, not only does Imperia eliminate stains at the top of the tile, it penetrates deep releasing all the stains, mold, mildew, etching and the existing sealers. We can deliver your shower that cleanliness with our quality tile cleaning service in Alpharetta.

Sealing Grout, After Cleaning:

Grout cleaning is just a temporary fix as it is very porous and stains very fast. Once your grout is cleaned, it will stain again if not sealed. We prevent the grout from allowing the occurrence of stains and mold for a lifetime with Caponi – a two part pigmented titanium epoxy/resin sealer. It makes all the grout lines waterproof halting mold and mildew from taking place. Caponi’s more than 40 color options can be easily matched to your current grout color.

Natural Stone Protection with Natural Look Sealers:

Natural stone, such as travertine, marble and slate, looks beautiful with its color variations, but it’s also very sensitive just like grout. It comes with crevices, allowing moisture or liquids to pass through it easily that cause the birth of stains. Keeping the look of the stone tile has become second nature to us with our natural look sealers, Repela-Bond – an invisible clear resin water based sealer, and Celine – a clear topical natural look solvent based sealer. Both deliver a bold hydrophilic appearance to the surface protecting it from stains and mold for a lifetime. Repela-Bond leaves the stone with a lush natural look, while Celine brings an extra shine to the surface.
Repairing Cracked Tile and Replacing Caulk:

Tile repair should always be performed by our artists as they don’t use cheap adhesions, losing their bonds within months. They fill the cracks with Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent epoxy/resin engineered with a 1200psi adhesion.

The same product they use to replace the caulk, peeling or wears off in a short order. Caulking softens and washes out of the corners in wet settings and also makes showers look worse with its thick layers. However, Sentura never peels and our artists color match it to the tile and grout to render a beautiful aspect with its natural lines.

We offer a 5 year labor warranty on our shower restoration services.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Tile Grout Cleaning and Sealing Company of Alpharetta, Georgia

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